Keeping Up With The Times …
Sledgehammer At The Ready – Well Not Quite!!

We felt the time had come to upgrade our Roland Versa-Camm printer which has served us well for printing all our stickers and decals for the last 10 years.  After several conversations and demonstrations of various print and cut machines, we decided on staying with the brand Roland for our next printer.  In no time at all the Roland Tru-Viz Print & Cut machine was swiftly making its way up the M6 motorway.

The decision to undertake this upgrade was not without its challenges.  Our print room is located on the first floor of our premises. With the old machine to move out, before the new machine could be installed, each printer weighing approximately 290kg, 2.5 metres in length and a stairway to navigate! filled us with dread.  So, we undertook the task and upheaval of removing plasterboard walls to facilitate the removal and installation.  With a little help from our neighbour and their forklift truck!

So, I am delighted to say, within 24 hours we were done.  Wall removed, old printer out, new printer in, wall replaced all with minimal disruption to the workflow.

Was it worth it?

In our quest to improve print quality and more precise cutting of our stickers and decals, I can say that our new machine fits the bill.  Marketed as a ‘printing marvel’  for its precision cutting and performance. This printer has given us a myriad of benefits that has aligned seamlessly with our goals.  It delivers sharp images and vibrant colours across a wide array of materials.

Inks and Vinyl

As well as the new machine we have also upgraded the vinyl we use.   Manufacturered in the UK it has greater adhesive properties, with a longevity of 5-7 years.  This, together with the new ink technology, our stickers are more vibrant than ever.  With greater durability against scratching, fully weatherproof / waterproof to withstand any elements the great British weather throws at us.

Like all new things especially in the world of tech, there is always a period of learning and adjustment.   Thankfully we’ve made it through and we, along with our customers are reaping the benefits.