Lets Talk About … Vinyl and a little bit about the products we use to produce our stickers and decals.

After 31 years in the signage industry we have tried and used lots of different printing and cut vinyls, but we always go back to the same two.  They give us the best quality and longevity for our stickers and decals, so we are happy and more importantly our customers are happy.

Printable Vinyl

Is what we use to produce multi-coloured stickers.  It is a soft white PVC film, manufactured in Germany.  100-micron thickness, with a glossy finish and a silicone coated release (backing) paper.  With a polyacrylate transparent adhesive, it makes the stickers suitable for medium to long term outdoor use, which means approximately 5-7 years.

All printing is done in-house using a digital printer and eco-solvent inks.  It’s a clever machine!  Once printed, it then cuts the stickers following a pre-determined cut path.  Although dry when the cutting process has finished, we leave them to further dry, to allow any residual solvent in the ink to evaporate.

Cut Vinyl.

Is available in an almost infinite colour range.  Again, the brand is manufactured in Germany and is suitable for all outdoor applications, even with our great British weather!  70-micron thickness, don’t be fooled by ‘if its thicker it must be better’ that’s not the case with vinyl.  Available in either a gloss or matt finish, with a permanent polyacrylate adhesive and silicone coated release (backing) paper.


Lets Talk About … Vinyl